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African European Service Agency

ASEA - African European Service Agency

Who we are

We are a service agency that is committed to provide solutions to all issues you like to be handled in Europe.

Our founders Dipl.-Ing. Fabrice Chuembou Pekam and Dr.-Ing. Peter Becker are at home in Cameroon and Germany. Thus, we understand your needs back home and will deliver efficient and high quality services. Consider us as your reliable and trusted partner whose core aim is to save your time and money by taking care of issues you want to be handled in Europe.

What we offer 

As your partner in Europe (Germany), we provide you access to European products and services.

Thanks to our vast business network we can offer you solutions in fields such as:

Purchasing Services (New or Used Products) such as:

  • Fashion & Cosmetics
  • Sport Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Agriculture and Breeding
  • Medical Devices
  • IT Hard- & Software
  • Home Entertainment Hardware
  • Household Products
  • Office Equipment
  • Hotel Equipment
  • Food and Beverage

Organizational and Consulting Services:

  • Educational Issues in Europe
  • Expert Consulting (e.g. in new technologies or in academic field)
  • Advise and Medical Care from European top Doctors
  • Banking Issues in Europe
  • Real Estate Issues in Europe


Your Benefits working with us

  • High quality products and services
  • One billing address
  • Transparency and fast order handling
  • Confidentiality

How we work

Please feel free to contact us with any request. We try our best to fulfill your expectations.

  1. Send us your request as precisely as possible by mail:
  2. You will get an immediate feedback that your request is in process and if necessary a weekly update about any progress and results regarding your topic.
  3. As soon as we worked out a solution for you, we will inform you about the conditions and provide you an offer.
  4. Of course, we can organize the whole transportation of goods for you too.

Your needs are our priority

AESA offers its services since 2017 and we commit ourselves to understand the needs and learn about the request of our customers as much and as fast as possible. Therefore, please take some time to tell us:

  1. How often do you buy goods and services from Europe within one year?
  2. How high is your spending for theses goods and services within one year?
  3. What kind of goods and services do you buy?
  4. What kind of service would help you in your daily business?
  5. Company Address and Contact

Please send your answers to and get a 10% discount on your next order.*

* Discount Codes will be issued till xx.yy.zzzz and are valid till xx.yy.zzzz


P. Becker & F. Chuembou
c/o Bea Mely AESA
Alte Vaalser Strasse 39
52074 Aachen
phone: xxx